About UK Property Angels (UKPA)

Our mission is to repurpose property and land for better uses to help address the massive housing shortage. We are helping to house vulnerable and less fortunate people so they can live independently, safely, and securely.

We also support the preservation of the environment by building as responsibly as possible and by supporting tree planting projects and other environmental and community outcomes.

We are focused on providing more:

  • Supported Living

  • Emergency housing

  • Affordable housing

UK Property Angels is a PropTech and Services business and is steadily building a community of Property Experts (Negotiators and Project Managers) and Investors with a common interest and mission to make a difference.

Our technology and data development team are focused on producing smart, off-market leads that are then qualified and supplied to our network.

We identify properties and sites with potential to be repurposed to a greater benefit to the community.

We also work with local authority, care providers and charities to understand local housing requirements.

For investors UK Property Angels can provide a unique full ‘turnkey solution’ all under one roof and on a safe and secure platform. Investors can buy great deals, and (if they wish) can also have access to our project management and delivery network* and help through to sale or letting).

(*where available locally and at Head Office)

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UKPA4GOOD Progress Tracker:

UKPA4GOOD is helping the community in two clear ways:

1) We help provide housing for vulnerable people in the community.

2) We support the environment by planting one tree for every vulnerable person housed.